Cloud Applications Vs. Web Applications – Major Differences Between Them Explained

Cloud Applications Vs. Web Applications – Major Differences Between Them Explained

Web application and cloud application are two terms that are used interchangeably. While they both possess some kind of similarities, there are many significant differences among them. While there is very thin line of difference among web and cloud application, let us try to understand both of them in the following sections.

Cloud based Application

The applications that operate with the help of cloud data is termed as cloud-based application. Today, there are many trustworthy cloud service providers like Groupe Azure offering cloud applications to businesses across the world. You can visit and know more about how they develop cloud computing software applications on the basis of your company’s specific requirements.

Cloud applications can even be operated in offline mode like desktop applications. It offers much rich and great user experience to users and offers quick response to user’s actions. Moreover, it is much easier to update cloud applications.

The developer just requires uploading newer version of cloud app to web server. It is important to remember here that cloud based applications can only be operated offline or online and can’t be installed on the computer. The following are some of the most attractive features of cloud-based applications.

  • Multi tenancy solutions
  • They can be operated from web browser and can even be installed on smart-phones, desktops, etc.
  • Data of the cloud applications is stored in either cloud or a cloud-like infrastructure.
  • Data in the cloud-based applications may even be cached locally for full offline mode.
  • These applications can be used by wide array of services like storage, application development platforms, computing cycle, and so forth.
  • They are standardized for all of the users across many platforms.
  • They are inherently scalable.
  • The business data as well as user data can be stored at many data centres.

Web based applications

A web application can be operated only with active Internet connection. They make use of HTTP as primary communication protocol. The following are some of the best features of them.

  • Limited scalability and availability.
  • Different users can use their own specific part of application.
  • They are specifically developed to be operated right from web browser.
  • They can be accessed from anywhere.

These days, most of the web applications have already become a significant part of cloud computing. Vendors that want to move into the cloud app space have rich frameworks and development platforms to choose from.