5 Modern Website Design Aspects To Add To Your Website!

5 Modern Website Design Aspects To Add To Your Website!

The fresh your website is the more it appeals! Of course it has to do a lot with new technology, fresh templates and newer innovative measures.

A well thought website isn’t just creative but gets updated periodically to impact the customers best! And in this run the modern touches make the most. Including some modern aspects to the website helps brand tell their stories and connect with the customers better!

Unique typography

If you have ever visited ‘The New York Times’ website the font says it all! Some big brands have emerged as standout presenters with their unique fonts and typography which immediately connects with the users. As a result, the reader once aware of the font can connect with it anytime they come across the brand blog. Miami web design company helps the website stand out and make impact instantly!

Responsive hero images

Hero images are used by most popular websites today to grab reader’s attention easily. These images sometimes are overlaid with a text screen and other times are placed in giant size above a blog. Highly compatible across devices and operating systems, the user experience of website is deeply enhanced.

Videos on the background

Welcoming the viewers on the website with a quality video makes them stay. Videos are more impactful in telling a story and are relatively faster. A video on autoplay immediately starts connecting with the customer making it easier to grab their attention. With customers who are low on time and would prefer videos over texts, this is an ideal move!

Card design

Much like Pinterest there are emerging websites which use individual card design to display content. Instead of just listing all the content together, the Miami web design company provides a short snippet, picture etc of the content in the form of individual card designs to help viewers choose their preference. This works for products and blogs alike.

Hamburger Menu

This is increasingly getting common but needed a mention here. A website is bound to have a lot of menu to display several aspects. When it comes to mobile compatibility the website should have hamburger menu or assimilated menu option to help browsing get easy. (P.S. the shape of hamburger looks exactly like the menu)

To add these fresh changes and make an ultra-modern website trust the Miami web Design Company. With exceptional techniques and better understanding of business, the professionals help update your website with the latest of technology.