Web Development Lifecycle (WDL)

The web development lifecycle (WDL) is really a more specific variation around the general framework for developing any database integration project. Unlike general database integration, all web design and development projects consume a similar structure, therefore the web development lifecycle / process could be attracted upon as an item of reference for the web development team and also the client to look for the status associated with a given project and also the section of activity to deal with next.

The Web Development Lifecycle consists of eight identifiable stages referred to as follows:

1. Initial Consultation

The First Consultation seeks to know our prime level business needs, the size from the web development, needed delivery schedule, and also the overall practicality, web design and price from the project.

2. Project Specs

The company needs from the suggested website are iteratively established between your Client and also the web design team, and documented by means of an advanced Needs Specs. Focus here’s around the relevant business rules and outputs. Implementation from the system, the way the needs are really delivered, is restricted to later. Once agreed, this document will make up the foundation of the following stages from the Web Development Lifecycle.

3. Site Architecture

Here the hardware and software needs for receiving the web application are in place, like the most suitable web and database integration language, operating-system, database management system (DBMS), and hardware / hosting atmosphere which are most suitable to aid the ultimate website inside a robust and reliable manner taking account from the likely development of data volumes, customer figures website traffic, and functionality.

4. Site Design Cycle

Deliverables using this phase possess a particular concentrate on the web design from the system, include mock-ups or prototypes from the screens that comprise the machine, coupled with system walkthroughs that will enable both Client and also the software developers, designers and project management software team to obviously know how the website works in the user and managers perspective. The design from the CRM would be also full considered here also. This web application functionality is recognized as poor the defined outputs and business rules, and may lead to our prime Level Requirement Specs being updated or altered. After this, a vital deliverable this is a Low-level Website Design Specs / Document precisely defining the needed implementation from the web design and developing a blue print from the task for the program developers.

5. Content Collation

Any needed textual and graphical content for that web application is developed or acquired through the Client (or even the software development company, with respect to the relevant situation). Admin functionality which helps the customer to amend the entire content from the site from system launch, as well as on a continuing basis, is assumed to possess been incorporated and defined inside the Higher Level Needs Specs, as pointed out.

6. Site Project development

At this time an in depth project plan will have been in existence for that implementation from the web design, sources identified, time scales defined, and project dependencies clearly understood – especially regarding which areas of the web development can be achieved in serial or parallel. This stage really overlaps using the next phase from the Web Development Lifecycle since all web developed modules are unit tested to destruction through the corresponding web development team people. Further, it is crucial that code created through the software developers is quality checked to make sure adherence to project development standards.

7. Testing & Quality Assurance

Great shape of testing are transported out in this phase, from system and volume testing – to guarantee that components interact inside the web application and may easily deal with both initial and anticipated future demands around the system – completely to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and sign-off. There are lots of types of testing needed in this phase which are past the scope of the introduction, for example mix-browser and security testing – all adding for the delivery of the high-quality website and repair towards the client.

8. Site Deployment (Launch)

When the website implementation is tested and released by the customer and software development company to be fully operational, the website is deployed towards the production atmosphere and available to the appropriate users list. After this there’s generally a pre-agreed duration of warranty as well as an ongoing support agreement can be discovered in the discretion from the client.

The procedure can differ but, in most cases, the dependencies featuring of the effective procedure for delivering webs applications towards the client doesn’t. I really hope this is a helpful summary of the entire process of delivering quality web applications to the business.

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The SME marketplace for IT services keeps growing to this time. However, it is a fact to state that the caliber of service on offer through the IT industry towards the SME varies broadly, frequently with loose adherence to industry standards of design, development, documentation, support, and general customer service. Regrettably, the remains sales, instead of service, orientated – and cost, instead of value sensitive – causing many SMEs to fall foul of poorly qualified, unskilled providers.

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