How online technology can revolutionise your business.

How online technology can revolutionise your business.

Let’s be honest, most of us are living a hyper connected lifestyle in the modern age. You are, of course, reading this article online. We also spend large amounts of time connected to social media, websites and information services such as news and streaming platforms.

But the internet also has many advantages for our business lives as well. With software designed to increase productivity or work more closely with teams, it has never been easier to run a multi-national company than it is today.

Working globally in teams

Microsoft, Google & Apple have all changed their approach from individual computers connected to the internet or to each other to a more joined-up ever connected approach. The Microsoft Office suite, for example, has been rebranded ‘365’ and, for business customers, now includes software such as Teams and SharePoint, areas of the internet where groups of people can come together to work collaboratively wherever they are in the world. All of the providers now allow multiple users to edit documents simultaneously too, meaning you really can increase productivity across your business.

Services such as Trello and Slack offer similar features, with a progress-based job log and team communication tools respectively, but the ‘big three’ are bringing these all together with their established services in an attempt to keep your business and improve your business.

Taking the hassle out of accounting

One key area where increased connectivity has really improved businesses is with accounting. In days gone by the accounts team maintained their ledger or spreadsheet with entries and everything had to be sent to the team for processing and the big tasks such as payroll would have to be carefully managed ad scheduled to ensure it was completed when the right people were in the right office. But with online accounting software, including cloud storage, becoming more and more advanced and secure, it’s as easy to do your accounts from your office in London, Copenhagen or New York as it is to do them from the beach in Aruba.


Outside of the teamworking capabilities that Microsoft and the others offer, communication has also become far easier in the digital age. With technology literally in our pockets that is able to access video and audio calling, email and instant messenger services as well, it has never been easier to instantly connect with others regardless of their distance from us. On a small scale, this means it’s easier to keep in touch with colleagues working on similar projects but combined with tracking technology, companies are now able to track the whereabouts of their equipment or vehicles and communicate with them from the comfort of their head office. Sertica is one of those companies, with their ship management software, you can have a complete data overview from across your fleet as well as analysis, data synchronisation and streamlined workflow. Aside from sailing the ships themselves, you really can do anything.